It’s Quiz Day for Piano Students!

At George Vella School of Music our tutors try to make learning more fun!

Earlier this week, Lara Scerri, our piano tutor organised a mini concert for all the piano students, giving them the opportunity to interact with other children whilst learning. The day took off with an informative session about the different instruments making up the orchestra. The main aim of this session was to raise awareness about the four families of the orchestra, and allowing students to familiarise themselves with their sound and function. Students were handed a different instrument from each family to expose them to other instruments and help them appreciate different instruments besides the piano.

The session was then followed by a short quiz. During the quiz, students were split into two groups of mixed knowledge and age. Questions asked were related to the previous activity as well other material covered during individual sessions held throughout the year.

In our final exercise, all students were given the opportunity to perform a short piece of music of their liking, covered during yearly sessions, in front of each other. The use of informal concerts helps individuals gain the necessary confidence when performing in front of an audience and also helps build a good character.

Our day ended with a party where all the students could get to know each other better while eating, drinking, playing competitive games and having more fun!

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