Starting of the new year!

We kicked off the new year with our yearly induction session for new and continuing students. During this meeting the prospectus is explained and all the teachers are introduced.

Special thanks goes to Andrea Cassar and Carmel Cachia that have given their utmost to our students but whom unfortunately will not continue their teaching classes with our school. Also leaving in April is our trumpet teacher Norbert Mintoff.

We also welcomed to our new teachers, Josef Attard who will be taking the place of Carmel Cachia in teaching the low brass section. Alex Zammit and returning tutor Daniel Vella will be replacing Norbert Mintoff. By the time of writing we are in advanced talks to engage new tutors for flute, horn and theory.

We would also like to give our heartfelt thanks to our continuing tutors, Christine Dimech (Saxophone), Nathalie Cachia Bonavia (Clarinet), Kristen Borg (Percussion), Lara Scerri (Piano) and Graziella Vella (Theory).

Wishing all the new and continuing students a year of great music achievements

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