Għaqda Mużikali Marija Bambina, Banda Vittorja of Naxxar, is a society which was founded in 1916 by musician and composer Mro. Giuseppe Stivala. Although when this society was formed it also featured a jazz band, today’s wind band was founded in 1989. As it was always traditional in all wind bands in Malta, music tuition services were immediately provided to all those that wanted to study a wind instrument and eventually join the band. The society also provided free instruments to help student progress in their studies.

In 2006 , after the executive committee had discussed a motion, front lined by the late general secretary George Vella, an adequate space for the music school was allocated on the premises of the society. This space was renovated to a well-equipped area for music lessons. Originally, it was planned to be named after the founder’s name. However, Vella never saw his dream fulfilled as he died in the early morning of the  inauguration  day. It was therefore decided that the name of the school would be a recognition to the man himself, and thus named “Skola tal-Muzika George Vella”.

From then onward the school progressed and the number of students increased: from a mere 18 students, the school now boasts of 41 bands-people and more than 20 students. Through the years, the school has demonstrated constant progress both in quality of its students and also in quantity. The secret to the success are the regular music activities and further engagement in projects, as well as dedication of the students, their families and not least the society’s committee.

In 2016, a new concept has been launched to further increase the quality of the delivery of the music tuition provided. It is an attempt to raise the bar of quality the students can achieve within the school.

As from January 2017, the school will start working with a new prospectus and syllabus which will guide students to achieve the equivalent of Level 3 (aka, Ordinary Level) in music, such that students are prepared to even continue a musical career.

The school has now enrolled 9 teachers who have the following roles:

Alex Zammit– Trumpet Tutor

Charles Galea – Theory tutor

Christine Dimech – Saxophone tutor

Clara Galea – Flute Tutor

Daniel Vella– Trumpet Tutor

Graziella Vella – Theory tutor

Josef Attard – Low Brass Teacher

Kristen Borg – Percussion Tutor

Lara Scerri – Piano Tutor

Nathalie Cachia Bonavia – Clarinet tutor

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