It’s Quiz Day for Piano Students!

At George Vella School of Music our tutors try to make learning more fun! Earlier this week, Lara Scerri, our piano tutor organised a mini concert for all the piano students, giving them the opportunity to interact with other children whilst learning. The day took off with an informative session about the different instruments makingContinue reading “It’s Quiz Day for Piano Students!”

A well executed Concert.

Yesterday our youth band gave yet another great concert under the direction of Christine Dimech. With the participation of the young talented singer, Martina Abela, and the traditional sermon from Jake Bonavia & Shawn Jeremy Aquilina, the concert created the perfect atmosphere for the season. This concert was the last concert for 2016, the yearContinue reading “A well executed Concert.”

Introducing our latest tutor

With great pleasure and pride, we are introducing our latest acquisition to compliment our tutor’s staff. Kristen Borg, who is a common face and name in our society, is a home-grown percussionist full of energy and will to teach. The 20-year-old musician has taken up the role and is committed in bringing out the best ofContinue reading “Introducing our latest tutor”